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Neuroflip – beatZOMBIE [LWT12]

Beatzombie has been produced on Amiga using AHX. Dark beats, modulation and infected basses.
Mission destroy all humans, The virus has been started. 2 minutes to erradicate. Your mind will be mine: beatzombie.


1. Intro
2. Nuskoolbreaks
3. BASStruccion
4. Beatzombie
5. ByteTech04
6. Monochromo
7. Chibacity
8. Viaje al centro de tus sueños


Chipmusic • Labels • Releases

I CUMPLE CC First aniversary release for Culturachip

The members of the spanish language community had released this EP to celebreate its first year of online life.


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Chip to Gaza (Wang Electronics CO., LTD.)

In May 2010 Israeli forces stormed Gaza aid ship. At least 9 people got killed after Israeli commandos stormed the convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip. It happened about 64 km out to sea in international waters. The convoy defied a blockade imposed by Israel after Hamas won the election in Gaza 2007.

Chip to gaza pays homage to the murdered onboard the ship to gaza and to all victims of the occupation of Palestine.

Artists from the chiptune community all around the world (Finland, Spain, Palestine, Malaysia, Israel, Ukraine, Sweden, Indonesia, England, etc.) have taken their time and energy to contribute to this compilation freely in their honor.

The release is a pay what you want offer and all benefits from the purchases of the chip to gaza compilation will be donated to ship to gaza.

Full album of MP3’s also available in zipped folder.

1. pXtR – GB/drone
2. Chipso Facto – Memories of War
3. Bikecore – My Sailor (Israeli Navy band cover)
4. Mystic Hero – Last Love
5. DRC – moonlight
6. Ronin – ChopChop
7. Return of the 8-bit – Dracula
8. Homonintendus – Dirty Faces
9. Neuroflip – a beautiful story
10. Shckwave – Subtle
11. random cute animals – stay true
13. Euan Lynn – standupmyfriends
14. rmk – trapped butterfly
15. Ninjaspark – Rör inte vår kompis (Arcade Life remix)
16. linde – Dogma
17. Russolo – Crayons
18. Octapus – Jambox
19. Lissi dancefloor disaster – ship to gaza
20. luglio – stop war
21. melodija – leila khaled
22. Russolo – Lo Fi Angel