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TCTD Links for 2011-04-28

  • Help Noisewaves Travel To Blip Festival 2011! by Noisewaves #
  • RT @evilpaul_atebit: Any awesome artists with game/demoscene experience looking for freelance work? Give me a shout! :) #
  • RT @animalstyle: some good @8static press! #
  • So we now have the shorturl which should be mostly AMAZON CLOUD Proof. Party: #
  • SCSU to host chip music event | St. Cloud TIMES #
  • Chip Critique 1: Re-appropriation « CHIPFLIP #
  • Some Demos from the REVISION2011 (Demoscene) | Digital Tools #
  • Bhajis Loops Tutorials #
  • Office tales – Cartoon Bomb #
  • Glitch ‘n Grind: DIY Video Grinder Hardware Does Wonderful Things #
  • RT @StarscreamNY Also, everyone stop debating shit about chip music and just make good music. Good enough so that no one cares how its made #
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Live At Magfest 9 – Noisewaves

Download:  Live At Magfest 9 | Noisewaves.

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TCTD Links for 2010-12-15


Noisewaves – ST

Showgazey, Post rockey chip noise.

1. If I’m A Baker, You’re A Homewrecker
2. Someone Unique
3. Voice Recognition, Everything
4. Horses With Fake Legs
5. Do I Look Like I Want To Play Volleyball?

via Pterodactyl Squad