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2nd Limited Edition Scarves from Notendo

Released at the beginning of 2011, DH_4-09 is the 2nd limited edition scarf designed by Jeff Donaldson (AKA Notendo.)

The pattern was created with the DH system and rendered as a scarf at a 1:1 pixel to knot ratio.

Perfect for the upcoming winter months, DH_4-09 is currently offered in 4 different colour combinations:

Black, Light Blue, Dark Gray (pictured)
Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray
Black, White, Light Gray
Dark Gray, White, Light Gray

Scarves are $75 each plus shipping & handling. Paypal is OK.

Dimensions: 145x17cm / 57×6.5in

The design / pattern is knitted in, not printed or embroidered.

Material: 100% soft acrylic. The material is soft and good to wear. Handwash or machine wash at 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees fahrenheit.

Contact! jeff @ with any questions!

DH_4-09 is a continuation of Notendo desgined glitch apparel.

For t-shirt designs: Glitchaus

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Glitchaus shirts now on sale

Glitchaus is a “A new design series made public based on CHR ROM data.” from notendo.


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gwEm/Decade of Fragments/CDKr


Astonishingly dirty basslines? Check. Thumping Beats? Check. Samples from all sorts of various nooks and crannies in pop culture? Check. Christmas Song? Check.

Wait, what?

Most ordinary mixes don’t have Christmas songs, but then, most mixes aren’t by Atari and axe wielding madman Gareth Morris, who celebrates his 10th year of being ‘The One They Call gwEm‘. During a short period of not being busy from touring all over the world, from London to Toyko and almost everywhere in between, or putting on his own shows, or making his own Atari music composing software maxYMiser, gwEm has managed to make this astonishing 35 minute mix of old and new music into an unforgettable dance mix, that will surely cement his position in the chipscene for at least another ten years!

Artwork by noteNdo


Paris Graphics – Videogame Music in Context

From the Upcoming Collapsed Desires DVD comes this TCTD exclusive transcript of bonus commentary from chip vj PARIS GRAPHICS. The interview, taken from bonus digital content currently being prepared for Kickstarter backers, talks about his background as a motion visualist and how he came to be involved n the chip scene.

More info about the DVD, which will be limited to 100 copies, can be found HERE.

“I’d like to give a little background on what got me into doing visuals, what I’ve been doing within the chip community, and what’s next.

It all sort of starts with electronic music: I used to be part of a duo called Voltage Control that made electronic music with analog equipment—synthesizers, function generators, Navy surplus equipment… anything we could get our hands on. With synthesis there are two aspects. One is taking elementary waveforms to create sounds. It might be something that emulates a sound you’re familiar with, like a plucked string, a trumpet or a drum. Or it might be creating a brand new sound that is all yours.

The other thing you can do is take these elementary wave forms and create patterns of rhythm, melodic patterns and things of that nature, which to me have a great correspondence with visuals and creating visual patterns. From there, we started making visuals with oscilloscopes. Then it went on to taking the equipment and plugging it into TVs, making patterns that varied with the wavelength, frequency, amplitude and so on.

This isn’t something that we had invented. It had been done in the 1970’s, but we were new to it. We were just learning about it and exploring it. It was quite a bit of fun. Then I moved to New York and all of a sudden I’m 3,000 miles away from all this equipment and I wanted to start doing things. I started playing around with a laptop and seeing what I could do. Some other years went by and I went to my first chip show. I remember thinking, wow, this is really cool! These guys had portable little synthesizers in their hands, the Game Boy. The Game Boy has a sound chip in it that does elementary waveforms and here they are making these great sounds. I started going on a regular basis to all the shows.
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BROOKLN NY [US] JAN 29 2011 – I/O @ Vaudeville Park $5 All Ages

I/O Chip Music/Visual Art
Vaudeville Park
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, Jan 29 2011
All Ages





I/O Chip Music – Visuals

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave
(corner of Bushwick and Devoe St)
Brooklyn NY 11211

L train to Graham Ave

Google Map:

I/O is a monthly chip music and visuals show in New York. I/O is free to
play and free or low cost to attend, with the aim of providing exposure and
new audiences for chip musicians and visualists.

Hosted by Vaudville Park
Vaudville Park was started by Ian Colletti as an event space catering to artists and performance groups in the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Open to collaborative and cross-disciplinary experimentation, Vaudville Park welcomes proposals for actions that trample on the conventional distinctions between artistic disciplines, styles, between the performer and audience, body and mind, hem and haw, pot and kettle, etc.