Dear Scene: Do your best to not make this terrible.

Here’s the deal: Boing Boing has come into possession of some wicked footage of an anonymous Atari Computer Camp excursion that has everything you could ever want from grainy stock video: namely, yellowed and over-saturated money shots of retro-tech, and a bevy of over-eager and still-innocent pre-teens banging out BASIC to make crossword crosses out of the words Van Halen no joke and gawping at the awesome limitless power and future of computers.

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Animation • Pixel Art

Garth and Ginny’s Pixel Films

Garth and Ginny’s “Pixel Films” are about as high resolution as you’re likely to get from a 50×50 pixel square. The latest animation, coming by way of the Brighton Fringe Festival, follows up their first Pixel Film below which screened at the famed Pictoplasma festival last year.

via Offworld.