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Prime by MicroD

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About Prime:
Prime began as a concept that would challenge me to write more songs in odd time signatures. The idea to write a series of songs in prime number time signatures ultimately became Prime parts I through IV. Part I in 3/4 time, Part II in 5/4 time, Part III in 7/4 time, and Part IV in 11/4 time with a medley to bring it all together for the finish.

Of course, it couldn’t stop there… Orange patterns on the cover artwork (designed by Party Time! Hexcellent!) appear only on the prime repetitions, and tempos within the montage have only prime beats per minute.

This was an ambitious project and I’m really happy with the end result! As an added incentive, I have recorded and remastered some tunes that were previously exclusive to various compilations I contributed to and released them together for the first time. This includes Rebound, Sixty Second Shakes, Niner and Frostbitten Dub. Closing out the record is another brand new song titled Fist.bmp that ends it all on a fun note.

Download it or buy the CD and let me know what you think!

– MicroD

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Blip Festival 2011 Day 1

chipzel (inc) – m7kenji
zen albatross – vade
talk to animals – party time! hexcellent!
ralp – visualicious
minusbaby – enso
anamanaguchi – party time! hexcellent!
beastmode – deadbeatblast
ultrasyd (inc) – no carrier

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Party Time! Hexcellent! – Dot Matrix Prints

MOONLIGHT PARTY (top left), signed and numbered in a series of 25. Design from the visual program FOODCRT.

CORRUPTED SKATEBOARDS (bottom left), signed and numbered in a series of 25. Design from the visual program FOODCRT.

GLITCH OWL (right), signed and numbered in a series of 50. Design from the visual program CHRlie.

It took quite a bit of troubleshooting and printer cartridges to get these looking their best, but I’m very happy with the results. Yaaaay! Will be bringing some of these guys to Blip if anyone is interested.

via Party Time! Hexcellent!.