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Dances by peer


Steve writes:

Dances is a difficult release to describe in promo sheet form. It would be all too easy to get swept up in it’s immaculate programming, delicate melodies and genuinely moving harmonies and end up sounding biased – so here are the facts. Programmed and composed by peeR, a.k.a. Pierre Slinckx between December 2008 and April 2009, Dances consists of six pieces covering everything from modal Renaissance music to breakcore via French disco and classic pop, created on two Game Boys running simultaneously (and with a touch of post production for good measure). The end result is a lovingly crafted mini-symphony; then again, what do you expect from a classically trained musical genius who counts Nullsleep and Goto80 as fans?

On top of that, the CD benefits from Alessandra Ghinghirelli’s impossibly pretty artwork.

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S18-002 – ‘Dances’ by peeR