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Pulselooper – Lisergamida


Ten new songs from Pulselooper on the Brazilian label, Chippanze. And some remixes from TCTD staffers B.Leo and Peter Swimm to boot!

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I/O 2nd Anniversary full show OCT 3 2011


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Gamewave Podcast focuses on Blip Festival 2011

Check out Episode 51 of the Gamewave Podcast featuring music from 4mat, Starscream, minusbaby, Peter Swimm and Henry Homesweet. Subscribe at or download individual episodes at

“Episode 51 of the Gamewave Podcast is special for a couple of reasons. First because it’s presented by Chad Williams, creator of The New Adventures of Captain S (something Mike and Joe first talked about on Episode 26), and second because Chad talks about his experience at the Blip Festival 2011, which took place in May. Chad plays some live tracks from the event, and we also hear from cTrix and Inverse Phase who were both present. Check out this great episode, and then take a listen to Chad’s regular podcast, JumpMen Podcast – a show about video games, movies, and everything AWESOME!”

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TIMEHEATER – Pulsewave 5th Anniversary 04-30-11

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“After quitting the Game Boy in 2006 (arguably our best lineup!) it seemed the chip world would never hear his unique brand of glitch tech jams, but he has put off retirement for one night to remind you what chipmusic was like before most of you where born.”
— Peter Swimm (currator of Pulsewave)

This is the recording of that night. I haven’t tried to put it into words before, but there is a particular sound in my head when I use the word “datathrash.” Now you get to hear it too.
— egr

Recorded live at The Tank in NYC on 04/30/2011.



m/ m/

An official Datathrash release. How I was lucky enough to get this I’ll never know.

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