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TCTD Links for 2010-12-10

  • RT @disasterpeace: Big ups to Plogue for their amazing @chipsounds software. I used it to create Cat Astro Phi ( #
  • RT @tristanperich: NY mag features 1-Bit Symphony in Vulture Gift Guide: #
  • Free Music Archive: “Experimental Apple” Music Composed in HyperCard for a Trio of 68k Macs #
  • Foreign Traveler – ??? #
  • NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MIDI Kickstarter #
  • Sabrettpulse #fatchiptunebands #
  • anamanabluecheese #fatchiptunebands #
  • chubblyfish #fatchiptunebands #
  • m4fat #fatchiptunebands #
  • BowlofFlandig 2000 #fatchiptunebands #
  • David Corn Sugar #fatchiptunebands #
  • chilitech #fatchiptunebands #
  • tofutti monsters #fatchiptunebands #
  • stew #fatchiptunebands #
  • tempurasoundsolutions #fatchiptunebands #
  • 8bit wonton #fatchiptunebands #
  • baked alaska ebsen #fatchiptunebands #
  • rice dispyz #fatchiptunebands #
  • a_schnitzel #fatchiptunebands #
  • WhizWars #fatchiptunebands #
  • Tugbloat #fatchiptunebands #
  • YMBK #fatchiptunebands #
  • Yerzmezzy #fatchiptunebands #
  • shrimps #fatchiptunebands #
  • Slob Hubbard #fatchiptunebands #
  • Meal Baldwin #fatchiptunebands #
  • Hashphoros. #fatchiptunebands #
  • RT @crystallabs: We are proud to present Pause Merch #01 Act fast! #
  • RT @foreversonic: RT @RadioSEGA: Tonight on #SEGAAGES it’s a chiptune as ResidentSD plays two hours of SEGA music! Join us from 9pm UK. #
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TCTD Links for 2010-10-19

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TCTD Links for 2010-10-13

  • Plogue chipsounds running on VMachine Hardware #
  • MAGIC HAMMER – THVNDERCHASE – Featuring all the songs from Bit Shifter’s Information Chase. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #
  • Domotic – I Hate You Forever #
  • GB-HUMMING updated #
  • RT @StarscreamNY: Posted a song I wrote that corrupted over at | Debating trying to revive it ! #
  • RT @8GB_: Candie Hank – The Man hates Pants Booty Bounce Mix Vol.2 by Catani on #SoundCloud #
  • RT @Radiograffiti: Vote on the album art for the next #Radiograffiti 7″! A winner will also receive all prev RG 7″s! #
  • Android Game: Hyperactive Ninja – NES Style Platformer with music by Bright Primate, Comptroller and Nestrogen #
  • How old is 8bitpeoples? – True Knowledge #
  • Chiptunes: Reformating the Planet screening at Harris County Public Library #
  • Rhizome Code Eroded: At GLI.TC/H #
  • chipsounds updated to 1.501! #
  • Indie Video Arcade Pops Up in Midtown Manhattan – Pretty Tangential to chip scene stuff but still pretty cool #
  • Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch RELEASED! #
  • RT @_lemon: while I sort out the weird soundcloud issue – you can hear the 1bit ZX beeptastic fun here: :) \o_ #
  • RT @_lemon: @TCTD \o/ here have an early happy birthday present :) #
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TCTD Links for 2010-09-10

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TCTD Interview with AY-Riders’ Yerzmyey pt2

This is part 2 of an interview with AY Rider, Yerzmyey. Please look here for part 1.

LB – I think my favorite release of yours was FREAKuencies on 8BP but I like Interphase on DWD a lot too. Which of your own releases do you like most and why?

Y – Actually I don’t like very much my own music. If You ask me about music, I simply prefer AY-RIDERS’ albums. It’s good to gather a bunch of various people to get various and diverse album(s). Then it gets much more interesting. As for myself, I mostly try to fight with the AY’s limitations. :) It’s damn hard to force it to generate some _interesting_ synthethesized sound. All we get is only square waves or some acid noises. In contrast to the Atari ST, we use only original hardware posibilities or AY/YM chip, so the work is harder. Anyway, if You want to listen to good ZX Spectrum music, then don’t listen to my crap but go quickly and download AY-RIDERS albums. :)

LB – What inspired you to start writing music? Was is a particular song or game or person?

Y – Hmmmmm. From the music side in general, probably it was electronic music. Marek Bilinski’s art creativity or KOTO’s stuff… Also Vangelis, Jarre, Kraftwerk… Hm. From the game-music side, it was ZX Spectrum stuff, like “Agent-X”, “Chronos” or “Raw Recruit”. Generally – all the incredible stuff from Tim Follin. We used to say that they’re NOT games with musix but – musix with some games attached :)musix with some games attached.  And for demo-scene inspirations, surely it was Ziutek from ‘Ethanol Soft Inc’ group, as well as Hacker Kicia (with his demo songs for SoundTracker 1.1 ZX AY editor).demo-songs

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