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Goto80 - Open Funk Sores

New goto80 browser-based MOD musicdisk with raquelmyers visuals uses PortaMod for Processing by syphus.

Goto80 – Open Funk Sores.


PortaMod for Processing

via PortaMod for Processing

So as I gruffly explain in the video, thanks to my extremely sore throat, I’m showing off the most recent additions to my PortaMod library for Processing. Prolific genius and Up Rough group-mate goto80 asked for a few things which I hadn’t thought of, as well as a few things that I had, and I decided to get as many in as I could this weekend.

Now there’s on-the-fly loop start/end adjustment, individual channel muting, channel volume override, custom effect injection (only for a few ProTracker effects right now – more to come), per-channel transposition (new – previously it was all chans or none), sample dump from the currently-loaded MOD to disk, on-the-fly sample replacement (and restoration of the original)…and maybe more I’ve forgotten :)

Now I’ve got the laborious task of putting this all into ChipdiscoDJ, which is due a MASSIVE update and overhaul so I can start showing it to people again without being embarrassed.

Meanwhile, version 0.1 of PortaMod is available so give it a try next time you need to soundtrack your Processing sketches with lightweight, sample-based music and accurately sync your visuals to any and every note, row, pattern, effect, parameter, pan-position, etc. –

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