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Caanoo running ProTracker 2.3 using UAE4ALL

Reesy has ported UAE4AL to Caanoo and with it has brought a ton of possibilities to my livesets. If I have only my Caanoo around, I can play all my Protracker mods in full speed, no problems :D

Tunes in use:
8GB – Untitled (unreleased)
8GB – Bomi (unreleased)

(Soon to be launched on Bleepstreet Records. 100% Amiga powa!)

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Protracker SDL

I been keeping an eye out for this and decided to post it now because it seems a lot more usable, but it’s still in early stages.

8bit Bubsy has decided to port Protracker 1.3B to SDL.
“ProTracker SDL is a platform independent rewrite of the classic ProTracker software from the Amiga platform.”

The link to download the Win32 version and source (so you can compile it for other platrforms)is here

This is by far one of my favourite ProTracker versions so I recommend you to try it and keep an eye out for this project’s progress.