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Announcing: PULSEWAVE///RIP

Credit: Emi Spicer

Announcing a new archive project at TCTD, PULSEWAVE///RIP. 15 years ago today, I started the first of many many monthly chiptune events in NYC, leading to things like The Blip Festival and many sister events in cities throughout the world. After such a long time, a lot of the content has fallen off the internet. This project seeks to be a place to recap past events, collect missing content, and provide a place for curators, artists, and fans to write and interrogate memories and feelings from this community. Have a story? Let us know!

We are kicking things off with the story of how Pulsewave started, and the entire first concert. These pages will be living documents, updated as new media comes to light. Enjoy the ride!

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“TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH” by Timeheater

Stream, download, or purchase CD:

Completing the Timeheater return/farewell Pulsewave package is the one and only full-length “collected works” album originally available only to the show attendees.

Intricate and confounding beats and screeches from the man that coined the phrase “True Chip Till Death”.

A limited number of CDs are also available for $10.00 + shipping and handling. CD purchase includes an immediate digital download of the full album. (see the Bandcamp page for some notes on this)

Released by Datathrash on 8/14/2011

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Awkward Terrible @ PulsewaveSF

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Pulsewave’s Fifth Anniversary ROM Flier by Bud Melvin

For more info and to download the DISK IMAGE visit the spanking new Pulsewave website: