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b4kn — The Octagon

The Octagon is a concept album about an epic journey through the mystical planet TragnaR. It features a blend of sounds from a GameBoy, Roland Juno 106, Nord Lead II, and various MIDI instruments. All the songs were programmed/sequenced using LSDJ, PxTone, and Logic.

b4kn — The Octagon | Ubiktune.

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PS034 – PiSTON SOURCE Remix Comp

Introducing the Piston Source Remix Compilation: A collection of remixes of, by and for pxtone afficionados. Featuring tracks by Agargara, Anonymous, El ho, Gensai, Kattywampus, Se-ko, Task, Tatsunami and Zebra, remixed by Agargara, Frux and Zebra.

You can get the mp3s as well as source files here:

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