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rockin’ new tunez presented and approved by the QFS:

Suck My Dick              by Uoki-Toki
Starfighter 104           by Poisoncut
my stuck                  by robochip
sylcmyk’s theme           by sylcmyk
Left out                  by OxygenStar
ADF44VL4                  by Gijs Gieskes
Level 17                  by Tobiah
we have to break through  by vibe/crc
do you like rock’n’roll?  by die moderne welt
Darkside Is Here          by Acidbeatz
BOILEROIDZ                by droidboiler

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Happy 10th Birthday!

micromusic hq writes:

on august 7th 1999, carl – sitting in his stinky bed room – pressed the enter button and the website went online in all its blue-green-black-yellow-white glory… this was almost exactly
10 years ago.

since then, alot of things happened:

  • – 21982 people have registered to until now
  • – 821 events where added to the database
  • – 124589 mp3 from 5731 different artists were uploaded
  • – 787 tunez from 309 different artists were released by the QFS
  • – 326820 free tunez were downloaded from members
  • – 365388 clever microlinez were written
  • – 2.4 mio microtalk intelligent messages were sent
  • – 30 headquarters were founded – latest HQs: liverpool
  • – 459 hard/soft and other warez were added

And to celebrate they have added more tracks fresh from the QFS

  • Seagulls                       by eat rabbit
  • Come Back To Me                by little-scale
  • Upstroke                       by The J. Arthur Keenes Band
  • The Tower                      by EvilWezil
  • This is what it means to feel  by pdfformat
  • hav_internet_need_halp         by mcfiredrill
  • Trial and Error by goatslacker
  • H.A.A.R.P. Man                 by Gakona
  • Nybbles And Bytes              by STA$D400

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