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Hexadeci – Alone In The Dark

This music is some of the best Amigacore in the past 10 years – skirting between party music for the post-apocalyptic crowd and a nightmarish take on otherwise light-hearted themes. What’s most remarkable about these tunes isn’t necessarily Hexadeci’s programming expertise he’s totally awesome, or the creative use of seemingly random samples Shakira? A Swiss yodeler?. No, it’s how he manages to effectively tear down dance music to shape his own tastes AND create tunes that are actually MUSICAL, instead of slipping into the same tired traps of hardcore posturing. It’s a fun record and we promise you’ll get some seriously confused looks when you drop a Swiss Yodelcore track at your next house party. Try it. Film it. Send us the video.

via Radiograffiti

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Radiograffiti – SKULL TRACKER” T-SHIRT

“These limited, screen-printed, skull-tracker shirts are technically “dispyz” memorial shirts but don’t actually mention “dispyz” anywhere to avoid you the embarrassment of being called “dipsees” or “dipshitz” in public. Still features the “Mem 1995 – 2010? and subliminal “414? text. Design is based on the excellent, Octamed 4.0 sample tracker for the Amiga line of computers. Art was painstakingly created and traced by Ty Stagediver, line-by-line.”

“Skull Tracker” T-Shirt | Radiograffiti