Stagediver – 12″ ???

2″ Slab of brutal Amigacore. Flawed masterpiece. Not available in the Radiograffiti store.Limited to 150 total, we have 50 of the one pictured here. 100 come in a plain white sleeve available elsewhere.Radiograffiti mailinglist members have first crack at this and it should be gone by this time next week.This is highly illegal. That is all. Stay hardcore.

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TCTD Links for 2010-10-18

  • Nerd Music on the Project S-11 Soundtrack #
  • I spaced doing a tctd bday post, so expect a trickle of crap this week. Maybe. #
  • +_ I_CACTUS #
  • RT @anamanaguchi: happy 25th birthday (in america), NES! we couldn’t have done it without ya! :D :D <3 -luke #
  • RT @Radiograffiti: The deadline for the Radiograffiti art-poll is tmrw! Be sure to vote/enter for your chance to win a copy of each RG 7″ #
  • RT @8bitweapon: Check out our collaboration with MC Frontalot on the FREE mp3 compo by Hipsterplease! #
  • RT @gamesdaypodcast: hey you! know any chiptune artists who want to get their tracks better known? we wanna talk to them! #
  • Three Cave Story audio treats – Tiny Cartridge #
  • Tool to manage Ds-10 Songs and Patch info #
  • little-scale: Making of Visual Confirmation Video by XXiirii #
  • 8bc’s Chinese Whiskers Compilation : forum members #
  • Pulsar Updates: manual, screenmap teasers #
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TCTD Links for 2010-10-13

  • Plogue chipsounds running on VMachine Hardware #
  • MAGIC HAMMER – THVNDERCHASE – Featuring all the songs from Bit Shifter’s Information Chase. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #
  • Domotic – I Hate You Forever #
  • GB-HUMMING updated #
  • RT @StarscreamNY: Posted a song I wrote that corrupted over at | Debating trying to revive it ! #
  • RT @8GB_: Candie Hank – The Man hates Pants Booty Bounce Mix Vol.2 by Catani on #SoundCloud #
  • RT @Radiograffiti: Vote on the album art for the next #Radiograffiti 7″! A winner will also receive all prev RG 7″s! #
  • Android Game: Hyperactive Ninja – NES Style Platformer with music by Bright Primate, Comptroller and Nestrogen #
  • How old is 8bitpeoples? – True Knowledge #
  • Chiptunes: Reformating the Planet screening at Harris County Public Library #
  • Rhizome Code Eroded: At GLI.TC/H #
  • chipsounds updated to 1.501! #
  • Indie Video Arcade Pops Up in Midtown Manhattan – Pretty Tangential to chip scene stuff but still pretty cool #
  • Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch RELEASED! #
  • RT @_lemon: while I sort out the weird soundcloud issue – you can hear the 1bit ZX beeptastic fun here: :) \o_ #
  • RT @_lemon: @TCTD \o/ here have an early happy birthday present :) #
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TCTD Links for 2010-10-12

  • RT @bit_shifter_: • Sleep schedule: FUBAR. May as well update the 8bp calendar, neglected over the last 5 wks #
  • Phlogiston scores “Super Crate Box” – #
  • Vote on the album art for the next Radiograffiti 7″! (+Giveaway!) #
  • RT @CinemaSuicide: Here’s a 16-bit chiptune take on Maiden. Perfect replacement for any Castlevania score. #
  • TCTD Turns Two this Saturday.. what should I buy myself to celebrate? #
  • You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles #

Dispyz – Datarunner E.P


Download code for preferred file format, large sticker of new t-shirt design, black skull logo sticker (while supplies last) and two buttons (while supplies last). Download also includes a .torrent file of various Datarunner related song files/samples for use on the Amiga line of computers.

Dispyz – Datarunner E.P. | Radiograffiti