RJDMC updated to v0.4

-Pitch is implemented
-Deleting selection is implemented
-Fixed several bugs related to the highlighting of the window
-Fixed bugs involving space bar triggering controls
-Fixed bugs with lower HZ samples crashing SSRC (small files)
-Implemented Cut, Copy, Paste, Trim, Select All, Delete

-Zoom function doesn’t work with editing the wave file yet (it acts as if you’re zoomed all the way out).
-You can either right click on the wave display or use shortcuts to use the editor functionality.
-CTRL+V = paste, CTRL+C = copy, CTRL+X = cut, CTRL+T = trim, CTRL+Z = revert, CTRL+A = select all
-“quality” Pitch change right now is a bit mediocre quality-wise.  I might just have lots of copies of each .wav file in memory for small files.
-To use copy, cut, delete, or trim you must have something selected (by dragging the mouse and making a rectangle).  To paste something, you need to click once (without dragging) and a single white line will show up- this is where the info will be pasted.

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RJDMC updated to: v0.30

Rushjet1 writes:

It’s been awhile since I’ve officially updated this, so there are a lot of changes (especially behind-the-scenes).

-Memory use is cut way down (for large files)
-Bit Crushing is implemented (0 is off, 1-19 is varying degrees of bits flipped, and 20 is an inverted waveform).
-Volume control is implemented (volume for the input wave is changed by x%).
-Zoom is implemented on the waveform view–unfortunately it only zooms to the middle now.
-You can highlight parts of the wave in the waveform view but it doesn’t do anything. tongue
-Pitch control is done, and playback is at least pretty close to how the NES would handle it, though not exact.
-Opening DMC files is possible now, and you can edit them just like .wav files.
-Several bugs were fixed, most of which most people wouldn’t notice

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