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8BC’s Weekly Hot Tracks

8bcCouldn’t make it to Blip? That’s a shame, but maybe these ten songs can cheer you up:

Rushjet1 – Light’s Ultimate Solution
Shnabubula – Happy Chanukah (Hine Matov)
RoeTaKa – Nesty Business
C-jeff – Around Past
taxicab – Girth Quake
Ultrasyd – 1488 Morons
Cerror – Sea Side Blues
µB – Misty Island
dkstr – Comeback
miau – Shrooms On My Sandals


V.A. - Autumtunes released on Ubiktune

ubi011Another BRILLIANT compilation released on C-Jeff’s Ubiktunes, featuring a lot of new names for me that I was happy to discover, and a bunch of the good ones, showing their autumn-inspired tunes.

Catchy pop-ish tunes that will make this week a better one. Quality release, of the type we don’t see much anymore.

Download this because you will not regret it.

Chipmusic • Labels

A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume One


A comp from the dudes over at the Shizz forum, lots of heavy hitters on this!

This album is the first installment of a compilation comprised of many talented chiptune artists from the Minibosses Message Forum at The Shizz. Not only is it intended to be a format for Shizz chiptune artists to share their talents, it’s also a new source for an annual fundraiser to help Shizzies get to MAGFest.

Track list after the jump:
01. MetalBishop – Famiclone Beatdown (02:02)
02. M-H – Welcome To… (01:45)
03. Mystic Nova – Fury of the Cyborg (02:30)
04. bucky – The Exorcist (Final Area BGM) (02:55)
05. Disasterphase – Ascend (03:58)
06. temp sound solutions – A New Dawn (03:33)
07. virt – Turbonugget (03:49)
08. Wizwars – Fly Away (03:01)
09. Phlogiston – I Was in the War, Damnit! (02:14)
10. Zio and TEH LOLZ – Soul Snob (02:23)
11. Norrin Radd – A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions (05:21)
12. Alex Mauer – I Guess Your Face Fell Off (00:58)
13. cacomistle – Blue, Brown, Pink, Grey (02:00)
14. Alex Atchley – RUFFTRADE (02:09)
15. Bit_Rat – Sunbeam (02:47)
16. Prizmatic Spray – Desert Dilemma (03:19)
17. temp sound solutions – Psionic Blast (03:58)
18. RushJet1 – Boss9 (01:18)
19. Norrin Radd – Paradoxes Are Unveiled (01:47)
20. Bit_Rat – Gimmick (02:13)
21. Mystic Nova – Aerosaga (02:07)
22. optomon – Hysteria (02:25)
23. Shnabubula – virtigo (01:46)
24. Neil Baldwin – Trapped (03:04)
25. virt – Sorcerors Battle (05:09)

via Concatenation Records – CCN016 – A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume One.

Chipmusic • Labels

'Summertunes' out on UBIKTUNE

ubiktune010After spring comes summer…

Another top notch compilation from Ubiktune, with 11 tracks by 12 different artists (yes, one collaborative track) made with various platforms.

C-jeff writes:

In the end of summer Ubiktune’s forces have gathered together to play the last summer songs of this year.

via http://ubiktune.org/release/010/

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