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3 videos of Sidabitball

3 live videos of Sidabitball during the french Festen party #7:




lsvj appeared

New LSDJ inspired visuals sequencer by Sidabitball

LSVj is a Vj software, coupled with a sequencer.

Part of software logic and interface is based on some trackers softwares, especially LSDj.

The aim of lsvj is to be able to vj with low definition pictures and animations (ex: animated gif files) AND to get a strong link between music and animation.

This software respect the ‘low quality’ of the pictures, by preserving their pixelised aspect. Some Vj call this a problem, but here, we call it a feature :)





He Also released:
ChrStudio v1.0.0.5
ChrStudio is a Image to 8×8 blocs converter. Its primarly goal is to convert any image or animation into PETSCII.

Webcam Studio v1.0.0.5
Webcam studio is a frame grabber software, that let you use your webcam (or any recognised video source) to produce StopMotion and TimeLapse animation.
The file format is compatible with LSVj and LSVj phrase editor.

Thanks to Tristian

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Sidabitball chip score for “Boxing Tonight”

Sidabitball writes:

The first bricovision cartoon of a (let’s hope) long serie is out.
It took 6 months to perfect this one :)
Animation by camilo, music by sidabitball.
You can watch it on youtube,
or download the high quality version here :

The hand drawn animation style oddly compliments the throbbing gameboy beats.  Hopefully future collaborations are in the pipeline.