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IAYD and Sievert split 7′ – “WARPDRIVE”

Sounds Legit is the brain-child of Celsius (Eugene Davoren-Britton) and 10k (Tom Gilmore). It is a low-bit music label dedicated to the documentation and distribution of high quality, limited and original chipmusic for all to enjoy.

The first release of the Sounds Legit Themed Split 7″ Series is a surefire chipmusic classic. Combining forces at last, Texan Game Boy music superstars, IAYD and Sievert – who between them, have featured on three 8bitpeoples releases, played Blip Festival, Datapop, Pulsewave and even SoundBytes in Australia – have put together the WARPDRIVE EP.

The split features two futuristic Game Boy Drum ‘n’ Bass tunes, one on either side of a limited edition 7″ vinyl. Just the right thing to start out your Sounds Legit Themed Split 7″ Series collection.

The EPs will be for sale from the Sounds Legit website which launched on Friday the 14th of January, as well as from the artists at shows.

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Chips, Dips and Facerips – Sievert

With the galaxy safe once more, our hero Space Captain Sievert returns home. After landing his ship on the small island known as Earth, he shows the people the things he has discovered and peace is restored again. Even if only for a brief time, our hero is happy to take a well needed rest from defending the galaxy. In his third album, Sievert gets back to his punk-ska roots to celebrate all of the things he loves: good times, good friends, beer, dogs, cartoons, pizza, chips, dips, and face-rips.

mastering by Tim Lamb, artwork by iLKke