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Norwegian Kindness – Spaceballs – Amiga Demo – Winner Datastorm 2011

The Weekly Demo

Spaceballs – 9 Fingers (1993)

This week I present you a true classic of the demoscene. 9 Fingers is the sequel to Spaceballs’ State of the Arts demo, both the sole cause of many OOHs, AHHs and WTFs directed at Amigas worldwide when they were released (and also a TON of criticism from the demoscene, believe it or not. Things changed a lot after this demo). I clearly remember showing this to my sad PC friends and they couldn’t believe this was coming off a floppy on a 7Mhz computer. (yes this runs on any Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM)

Revolutionary at the time, it was produced digitizing video and with a tool that converted this video to vector animation. It was unseen before and earned Spaceballs a huge hit in the all time Demoscene Hall of Fame (if it existed).

I leave you with the demo and if you want, after the jump, there is a MAKING OF video showing the production shots that generated the demo. They were kids and I always find this really cool, that these kids were using their time making audiovisual presentations in code instead of wasting it. Don’t laugh too much at their goofy dance moves xD

People even more interested can check out this thread at EAB where a  little interview done by Spaceballs themselves to the girl that dances in State of the Art who also appears on 9 Fingers (the brunette) is discussed.

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