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Radiograffiti – SKULL TRACKER” T-SHIRT

“These limited, screen-printed, skull-tracker shirts are technically “dispyz” memorial shirts but don’t actually mention “dispyz” anywhere to avoid you the embarrassment of being called “dipsees” or “dipshitz” in public. Still features the “Mem 1995 – 2010? and subliminal “414? text. Design is based on the excellent, Octamed 4.0 sample tracker for the Amiga line of computers. Art was painstakingly created and traced by Ty Stagediver, line-by-line.”

“Skull Tracker” T-Shirt | Radiograffiti


Stagediver – 12″ ???

2″ Slab of brutal Amigacore. Flawed masterpiece. Not available in the Radiograffiti store.Limited to 150 total, we have 50 of the one pictured here. 100 come in a plain white sleeve available elsewhere.Radiograffiti mailinglist members have first crack at this and it should be gone by this time next week.This is highly illegal. That is all. Stay hardcore.

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