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TCTD Links for 2010-07-31

  • How Tettix tried to design a T-shirt and ended up with a remix album featuring Alex Mauer, minusbaby and more #
  • Radix: @rymdlego: the modern chiptune scene is the home of many awesome artists but also some of the most overrated shit I’ve ever heard. sorry. in reply to rymdlego #
  • @HearJapan: Explore The Unexplored 33 Showing you the best of the most recent chiptune post rock J-rock J-pop #
  • [LA] Aug 14th – Baseck’s Bday: Venetian Snares, Otto Von Shirach + insane lineups #
  • @Nullsleep: I’ll be performing on Friday 8/6 for the opening of GeekDown at 92YTribeca in NYC! Full details • #
  • @crystallabs: Episode 11 of STFUAJPGM is now available: #
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TCTD Links for 2010-05-10

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TCTD Quicklinks for 2010-03-01

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TCTD micronews for 2009-11-02

  • Keygen Music Updated: #
  • Pixelh8 link to article of chip acts in UK mag “Front” is one click away from breasts, no online article. Pity. #
  • Goto80 has this touching story of a sid near death, given life once more: #
  • RT: @firebrandboy: Front Magazine article #
  • Front Article: pages 1: and 2: #
  • Chipflip interviews Doctor Blotz: #
  • Chip ‘Em All is the last word on Chip cover records. Well done, and limited download! #
  • STFUAJPGM v.7 is out: #
  • GameBoy Guerillas: #
  • Data Beez Tour writeup: #
  • NESynth Update: #
  • new chiptune happy hour starting monday nov 9th at le poisson rouge. from the good people @pulsewave – #
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TCTD tweets from 2009-09-28

  • More Gameboy Color rom Dump Details: #
  • RT: @bleepstreet: ??? 2 digital singles + remixes = Goto80 "Breakfast" and Dr.Von Pnok "Brain Swap"??? SOON IN YOUR DIGITAL-STORE #FB #
  • A nicely written article about STFUAJPGM, full of endearing words from @litdrift RT: @crystallabs #
  • Blip Festival tickets are on sale now! Visit to purchase! #blip09 #
  • Chiptunes are Popping: #