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gwEm / PHF releases booTribe

gwEm writes:

This is a different sort of production from me. You could call it a musical toy. I’ve been inspired by the drum machine of the Korg Monotribe, and have combined it with STj into an executable boot sector. Unlike my 128byte productions, which are more or less pure demos in that they are concept investigations, this one could actually be quite useful to musicians and live performers.

A list of the features may help to explain more:

* STj like tempo control for precise DJ beatmatching
* Three drum sounds
* 16 steps (use shift to access odd steps, alike to Korg Monotribe)
* MIDI clock output
* Very fast loading – due to boot sector implementation
* GEMDOS file system still supported (use it with STj in auto folder no problem)
* No screen required

via Dead Hackers Society : Atariscene News.

Atari ST • Chipmusic • software

New version of STJ appeared

v1.30 of STj has just been uploaded to the STj homepage at:

The new features are:

* Added support for NTSC TOS versions.
* Modified selection of Lazy/Loop/Cue mode
* Removed some graphics to reduce memory usage and disk space

Enjoy all!


Atari ST • Chipmusic

This is YM2149 II

I took my STj, a Technics and my Vestax and recorded a second edition to the hit “This is YM2149” compilation series… I call it “This is YM2149 ii” :)

Concerto For Acid Band – Jess/Overlanders
Pacemaker – 505/Paradox
No Sheep in Outer Mongolia – Mad Max/The Exceptions
CPU Eater – 505/Paradox
Funktion – Damo/Reservoir Gods
Pea – SH3/Reservoir Gods
Chu Chu Rocket – MSG/Reservoir Gods
Tetris – gwEm/PHF
dYManite – Stu/Drop Da Domb
Killer – Big Alec/Delta Force
Different World – gwEm/PHF
Cassiopeia – Floopy/MJJ Prod
Outlaw – Crazy Q/DHS
Bubble Days – Dma-Sc/Sector One

I took mostly hits from active sceners this time, with a couple of classics. Hope you will enjoy this mix.

Download the mix here: