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rockin’ new tunez presented and approved by the QFS:

Suck My Dick              by Uoki-Toki
Starfighter 104           by Poisoncut
my stuck                  by robochip
sylcmyk’s theme           by sylcmyk
Left out                  by OxygenStar
ADF44VL4                  by Gijs Gieskes
Level 17                  by Tobiah
we have to break through  by vibe/crc
do you like rock’n’roll?  by die moderne welt
Darkside Is Here          by Acidbeatz
BOILEROIDZ                by droidboiler

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TCTD tweets from 2009-10-13


minusbaby • Various Artists "Left Remixes, Pt. 1"

The first round of minusbaby’s “Left” remixes are out, and its definitely an all-star affair. Details:

Left Remixes, Pt.1

A Large Part of Your Mind Sliced

minusbaby – Video Edit

6955 – Loitering on Level 4 Remix

Rhinostrich – Pig Mix Remix

8GB – Maradroga Remix

sylcmyk – positij Remix

The ARE – 1972 Monte Carlo Remix

Saskrotch – Originoo Mind Slicaz Remix

via minusbaby

Chipmusic • Labels • Music Artists

Micromusic Fresh from the QFS

Blessed by the QFS

Blessed by the QFS

Micromusic has added new tunes to their online player.

rockin’ new tunez presented and approved by the QFS:

## : microjingle               by Receptors

## : Jabdah Maskinoperatör     by Koto
## : Deep Chip                 by elektrobot
## : Up Down Left Right        by Johnny Humanoid
## : Life In The Club          by Uoki-Toki
## : DATADUBB000111            by MODEK
## : Have Gameboy Will Travel  by Receptors
## : pop love                  by .sylCMYK
## : Shower Day                by Bokkob
## : Bitboy                    by K.Katt
## : tila_en_stereo            by Rainbowdragoneyes
## : Yozora No Hoshi           by Kayama Yuzo, gwEm and Counter Reset
## : Legg’s Express            by Bobby Shakespeare
(these tunez are from the april/may uploads)