Amiga • The Weekly Demo

Dekadence & Accession – Grind (2010)

The 2010 edition of Asssembly has left us with a bunch of nice stuff to chew on. As it appears on the Interweb, properly captured in YouTube pleasure, I will make a good selection and post it next week, because I am leaving on tour (Mexico + Japan) and I won’t be able to update this column until I return, which will be more than a month.

So, for now, I leave you with the winner of the oldschool competition. An Amiga demo, running, allegedly, on a 68030 @ 25Mhz, which by today’s Amiga demoscene standards (060 @ 100Mhz), it’s  pretty low spec and it means my 030@50 can happily run it. Yay!

Very cool work from Britelite and very interesting metal-inspired vibe.