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Review of the 8-Bit Tarot deck

dscn3002-smallI just got my copy of the 8-Bit Tarot deck in the mail today, and wrote a review.  Excerpt:

The 8-Bit Tarot, designed by Indigo Kelleigh and published on, fuses the vibrant, digital, and modern-retro aesthetic of 8-bit with the mysticism and tradition of tarot. The deck itself is $30; for comparison, a standard Rider-Waite deck will cost you about $12 on Amazon, and a Robin Wood deck $13-14. The deck is packed in a box made of thin cardboard, suitable for display but not for travel (at least by my own, somewhat destructive standards). The cards themselves are small, especially by tarot standards — 2.5″ by 3.5″, or a little bit smaller than a playing card. “Standard” tarot cards are more like 3″ by 5″. You can get a sense of the art from the deck’s homepage at Lunar Bistro. The cardstock is glossy, a little thin, but turns out to be quite stiff; due to the cards’ size and stiffness, they are very difficult to shuffle.

This post was submitted by Ethan Glasser-Camp (Hexagram).