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  • 3ft high and falling. #
  • CDM On SunVox #
  • Kind of Bloop is out, if you donated. We'll cover it August 20th when the rest of us can buy it! #
  • In case you missed it, like me, mazemod upped a new summer playlist #
  • New OP-1 Sound Posted: #
  • RT: @mikearosenthal: Want to support the arts in nyc? become a member of The Tank and help us stay alive! #
  • RT: @mikearosenthal: any chiptune near Troy, NY and want to play a show there later in the summer? cool new space opening up. could be good. in reply to mikearosenthal #
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Odds and Ends from Twitter 2009-08-08

  • 11hz Robot Video #
  • MAGFest Registration now open #
  • Stylish and Functional DMG Cases #
  • Intial site redesign is Live. Will be tweaking all weekend! #
  • I haz the 8BP100. Your knees will melt. #
  • China Pirates getting a piece of the usb gb flashcart pie? #
  • Noice Polish Chips #
  • Prevent Famitracker Pitchyness with this handy table from Bucky #
  • this is the first time i've heard it referred as gamewave #
  • Piggy Speakers for Piggy Tracking #
  • This is semi-relevent for chiptune performances as well: #
  • KeygenMusic July Update #
  • RT: @TheTankNYC: The Tank is looking for a handful of people who could Dungeon Master a bunch of n00bs in a D&D event. Free beer if you can! #
  • RT: @glomag: glomag remote dinner DJ set from Linda's kitchen in Amsterdam begins! ? #
  • OP-1 Teases with great skill. #
  • Shots of the funky Blip Europe Stage #
  • Animal Styles Rentals Cover, proves Matt Sharp is the best part of any weezers record. #
  • Hive Mind: Looking for a form up datable, moderated events calender that has support for ICS . Any suggestions? #
  • Interview with KIND OF BLOOP producer Andy Baio #
  • BBC Micro Tracker in the works? #
  • Please buy me these arcade glitch boot screens. Thanks! #
  • Boring Old Hippies think the Gooch are hot stuff: #
  • RT: @daheardit: All Da ! Heard It Records Video's (ben et béné, sidabitball, xerak, etc) here : #
  • RT: @daheardit: A little review about Tom Woxom release in Lotek 64 (page 28). : #
  • Watch out: Rushjet1 has all your GameBoy #
  • Great Mention of TCTD's FMA Posts on the WFMU BLOG. Thanks Jason! #
  • Awesome Classic soundtracks in mp3 format #
  • True Chip Till Pig #
  • Hot Led Pixels #
  • TCTD is tapped to blah blah about the US chip scene. Illusions shattered, agendas promoted: #

Newer OP-1 Demo Video

Johan Sighting

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]


Answer: Synth/Sampler/MidiController!


Interesting Features:

  • Midi Controller with Transport and Four Endless Encoders
  • Fm Synth
  • Sampler with mic or line in, built in speaker
  • FM RADIO that alows you sample Young Jeezy.
  • 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers and effects like Delay, Flutter, Filters and EQ all built in.
  • step sequencer/arpegiato
  • Built in Motion Sensor

More info.