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Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families • Leaving Home (Radio Edit)

Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families • Leaving Home (Radio Edit) • Official Video.

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10 Thousand Free Men And Their Families Live

10 Thousand Free Men And Their Families – YouTube.

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Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families – Rite Now

Dear friend,

I am here to let you know about my latest release, which features two songs you can already get on the internet (just not these superior versions). In this statement, I will tell you each and every reason why you should get your hands on a copy of my latest release, the Rite Now 5″ vinyl single.

Following my two CD/free download EPs of early 2010, the birth of my own vinyl record label (Sounds Legit w/ Celsius) and a fantastic lathed vinyl release from my Sydney brother, godinpants, I was inspired to try something different for my next release. Vinyl.

I wasn’t prepared to settle for any ordinary vinyl release. I wanted to do something special. What I came up with was a super limited clear 5″ vinyl single (limited to 50 units). To top this off, I’ve got eight (or ate, get it?), hand crafted pizza-picture-discs. Each pizza-picture-disc is a one-off, hand drawn artwork by Erin Marshall-Turner (who provided the artwork for Another), set in clear vinyl. C’mon! That alone is worth buying!

If artwork set in vinyl, or a clear vinyl disc is not enough for you, there are also songs on this bad boy! Side A features Rite Now, recorded in Adelaide with Jess Porter and mastered by chipmusic king, cTrix in Melbourne. While Side B features a live recording (captured by Eggo) of the first ever 10k track I yelled over; Bitchwhipped, again mastered by cTrix. Then, each of these records was hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY, with a 1930s lathe just in time for blip fest. Mad props to Adamgetsawesome for picking them up for me and taking photos.

Want one yet? If you’re coming to Blip, you’ll have your chance.


via that guy who screams over a Game Boy backing track.

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