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A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume Three

This album is the third installment of a compilation comprised of many talented chiptune artists from the [Minibosses Message Forum] at [The Shizz].  Not only is it intended to be a format for Shizz chiptune artists to share their talents, it’s also a new source for an annual fundraiser to help Shizzies get to [MAGFest].

A special thanks to darmock for all of her help with the artwork!

01. Brian Davis – Thrashed (06:03)
02. FUPA TROOPA – G U (Next Tuesday) (02:30)
03. Gwarth – Dualism (04:07)
04. MetalBishop – Level (02:29)
05. Daemon9623 – We Strike at Midnight (03:17)
06. Prizmatic Spray – Neuromancer (00:49)
07. Zio and TEH LOLZ – Sluggo (02:41)
08. eddyrocku – CrossBeat (03:52)
09. Norrin Radd – Playing with the Boys (NES Kenny Loggins Cover) (01:54)
10. darmock – Stage Select on the Ocean (01:11)
11. Nario – Chips of Gaming (03:24)
12. Jason Vincion – Dance of the Dead (03:00)
13. arise_shine – Dysthymia (05:48)
14. Prizmatic Spray – At Home with Friends (00:56)
15. Marshall Art – Crusade (composed by Edward Artemiev) (04:22)
16. M-H – Meguriai (04:02)
17. cetera – Bruce Willis on Drums (04:07)
18. temp sound solutions – pediaLITE (04:40)
19. Wizwars – Reformat the Planet (Bit Shifter Cover) (Live)

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The Shizz Top 30 NES Soundtracks

logo3An introduction to the June daily countdown to the #1 NES soundtrack-

A couple months ago, members of the Minibosses / shizz message board cast their votes for their favorite classic Nintendo soundtracks. Inspired by previous polls held like the top 10 SNES games, I organized two rounds of voting. The first was a week long open vote, where members were asked to choose and rank their favorite soundtracks. Everything was fair game, including Japanese and European exclusive titles.

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