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Touchboy / Natty / Sabrepulse / gwEm / Comptroller / Matt Nida live in London

Friday 22nd October sees Public Life in Spitalfields, London host the best chipmusic line-up you’ll see in London this year. Cover charge is £5 and doors open at 8:00 – get there early, you won’t want to miss a minute of this.

Improvised 8bit tech house from Canada

New York 8bit dandy, kicking off his European tour with Touchboy

Nintendo junglestep that needs no introduction

Atari rave STj B2B with Counter Reset and special guests

Scotland’s Ultrachip champion

Matt Nida
Twitchy handheld electro/dub

Facebook event and more details here!

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The Grand Tour – Touchboy and Natty

In 2010, Natty and Touchboy set out on their first excursion to Europe.  Releasing this collection is an important part of that tour.
Natty and Touchboy have both given away music for free in the past and will continue to do so in the future, but selling this collection will help them recoup some of the cost of a largely self-funded tour.
The collection features over an hour and a half of brand new tracks, remixes, and live performances. If you’ve ever wanted to buy us each a beer – buy this instead. It’s more value than getting us drunk, trust me.

The Grand Tour