Anamanaguchi Singles appeared

The first one is:

Side A: Airbrushed.mp3

Side B: Penpal.mp3 (Tugboat Cover)

Art by Paul Robertson. Expect new singles every two weeks!

Anamanaguchi – Summer 2010.

Weezer: The 8-bit Album

Pterodactyl Squad just released an 8-bit tribute to Weezer featuring the likes of Bit Shifter, Anamanaguchi, Rabato, Tugboat, nordloef and more…

“Do you remember that dream you had, where the sound chips from the beloved games consoles of your youth all got together and formed a Weezer tribute band? Yeah? No? OK. That dream is about to come true whether you had it or not.

weezerThe songs on this compilation have mostly been created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances. Pterodactyl Squad proudly presents the music of Weezer as you have never heard it before.”

Available now from here.


Tugboat’s hip hop medley

punch_outHey, Peter, how did this one slip past us? We’re getting rusty…  Here it goes!

An amazing mixtape by Mr. Tugboat, featuring 8-bit versions of a bunch of hip hop hits.

Jay-Z — Dirt Off Your Shoulders
T.I — What You Know
Chamillionaire — Ridin’
Ludacris — What’s Ya Fantasy
Bonecrusher — Neva Scared
Kanye — Overnight Celebrity
Ludacris — Move Bitch
Lil’ Jon — Get Low
Kanye — Gold Digger

Gran it here:


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Tugboat Releases “Man of the Year” for free

The "t" stands for TOUGH

The T stands for TOUGH

But he has also seemingly quit 8bit? Via his Myspace:

Sorry for all inconvenience regarding buying my CD.  All tracks from “Man Of The Year” are now available in a zip file that you can download here:

And earlier this week he posted:


The 8-bit stuff was fun but now I am moving on towards other things.

Here’s hoping his new stuff is due soon, whether it be chip or otherwise.

EDIT: now on CDKRecords (no its not a record)