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Sycamore Drive – Chills / Mortimer’s Melody

This is the digital download of the first Sycamore Drive 7” record, Chills / Mortimer’s Melody. These songs were the first to be created using samples of the Commodore 64’s sound chip with Renoise, and a bit of delay and reverb.The 7” was hand-lathed on clear vinyl in limited quantities for the Ultrachip 2011 Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Free Music Archive: Sycamore Drive – Chills / Mortimer’s Melody.

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Interview with Edward Shallow

Edward Shallow is a creative powerhouse currently residing in Dundee, Scotland. His approach to chipmusic is on the deeply technical and intricate side. He is definitely among the most interesting musicians to come out of Scotland for the past few years. I caught up with Edward today and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions.

Hello Edward, thanks for taking the time to talk to me today.

You are very welcome.

So, how was meeting Lorraine Kelly?

I didn’t actually meet her. I made a conscious effort to avoid her.

According to your previous university website, I understand that she was a VIP at your degree show for Time Based Art & Digital Film.

She was, for the whole art college, in fact. They tend to invite ‘names’ to walk through and say things are nice. It’s good for advertising but does nothing for the esteem of artists who have spent years honing their art for it to receive nothing but a glimpse and a nod by Lorraine Kelly. She didn’t see any of my work.

I wonder how that conversation would have went down if it had taken place.

I would make comment, but libel is a tricky road to walk. She wasn’t the only VIP though. There were visitors who have a better grasp for the work I do.

You’ve used a mixture of outdoor performance, installation and now you’re working on a music video as a way of extending Edward Shallow beyond a simply musical project. Why do you go all out?

Do I go all out? I’d say ‘all in’. Whatever engages me at the time is where my interest lies. I run with most ideas until they run dry.

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