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Obsolete Summer 2011

Another summer, another Trash80 montage, A compilation of the first 3 Obsolete shows in Los Angeles. Featuring 8Bit Weapon, Trash80, Computeher, Beta to the Max, Koolskull, Wizwars, Wet Mango, Evil Weezil and many others. Includes June, July and August of 2011. Events held at Pixel+Frequency. Caught and Cut by The Precinct. Visit us at WWW.OBSOLETE.FM.

Obsolete Summer 2011 – YouTube.

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Wet Mango Live in LA-CA

Wet Mango Live in LA-CA by WetMango

This is most of my live set from some random show in LA i played on August 27, 2011. Enjoy.

via Wet Mango