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Blip Festival Tokyo Line-up Announced

Anamanaguchi [US]
Bit Shifter [US]
Cheapshot [UK]
The C-Men [NL]
cTrix [AU]
Hizimi [JP]
Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours [FR]
Kplecraft [JP]
Manabn [JP]
M7Kenji [JP]
Nordloef [SE]
noteNdo [US]
Nullsleep [US]
Omodaka [JP]
Role Model [SE]
Sexy Synthesizer [JP]
Virt [US]
Xinon [JP]

More info on the official website:

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TCTD Links for 2010-06-12

  • 4bitsynth is a MIDI-controlled digital synthesizer that uses the Atmel AVR ATMega48. Inspired by the NES #
  • ChipFlip: Exotic Escapes & Learning in Text Mode #
  • RT: @mz3364: Hey chiptune street live@jp . Xinon , coova and more! #
  • RT: @nocarrier: Why can’t the 6502 have a Z register? #nerdrage #

Xinon ds-10 release


Yep thats all I got. Click the link below for more (less)

?????? *** [???????????????????sb-024].

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TCTD micronews for 2009-11-05

  • Blip Arcade for the iPhone features Firebrandboy, Play it Loud!, Dan McLay, and Sycamore Drive.: #
  • Xinon video on Gaijin Gamer: #
  • KeygenMusic is now in french! #
  • RT: @Nobuooo: Warriors of Light: Square Enix has released the original soundtrack album for their Nintendo DS.. #