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TCTD Links for 2010-06-08

Chipmusic • videos

Yatagarasu on the The Creepy Touch! Vodcast(NSFW)

Brooklyn (assuming) kids interview the awesome Yatagarasu, in this NSFW   (brief boobies, hipsters) video by the The Creepy Touch

In this episode: Toilet Cobra sits down with Yatagarasu immediately after his performance at the Pogo in Togo party and make him explain how he makes music with Nintendos while he’s putting his stuff away. YOU’VE BEEN TOUCHED!

Chipmusic • Labels

Systems Check Detroit comp released

  • 1.Baron Knoxburry · wizzy does it
  • 2. Anti-Cheat· Cool Sky
  • 3.Baron Knoxburry· Drizzbln ][
  • 4.iSv· fin
  • 5.Matt Moffitt (SBX 8000) · Shift Me Softly
  • 6. environmental sound collapse · sunday morning (live May 15th, 2009)
  • 7.Yatagarasu · Alone with FrHiends
  • 8. Anti-Cheat · Another Chiptune!
  • 9. Matt Moffitt · Digits
  • 10. Baron Knoxburry · Xombies Running Free
  • 11. environmental sound collapse · gone
  • 12. iSv · tek
  • 13. Lissajou · beautifulemberley
  • 14. +Matt Moffitt · Calculater
  • 15. + Yatagarasu · Shot in the Face
  • 16. + Baron Knoxburry · blink on the brink

+ Promo CD bonus track

via Systems Check Detroit – Select Start Records.

Chipmusic • Labels

Yatagarasu – Lobster Mage + Interview.

mageNSF Tech Grindster Yatagarasu has a extremely in-depth itnerview on  the No Funeral Blog. In it he talks about his methodology behind his works, including the following nugget:

No Funeral: What role did video games play in the development of the band?

Chris Yatagarasu: I have this fascination with the old NES and Commodore programmers. The idea of creating something people want to spend time with using only 32 kb of memory, it fills me with awe and joy. That’s what I want to do – to make something interesting out of very little. In this case, it’s a stack of obsolete, consumer electronics. Trash to some, but refashioned to do something new. Also I still get totally inspired by game music – namely that by Tim Folin, Martin Galway, Ramiro Vaco, Genesis games and Konami NES stuff.

Also the inteview gives a link for his newest release “Lobster Mage“. You can get more info on his myspace, and check him out on his East Coast U.S Tour.