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Zef Releases Blackout

Zef’s new album Blackout is out! Pay what you think it’s worth; All donations from the first two days are going straight to Johan Kotlinski for his work in developing LSDJ. All funds following that will go on perpetual lend to to help people in third world countries get on their feet.
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Save files included for LSDJ-ers.
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Chip for Cancer [vol. I] | Chip for Cancer

Chip For Cancer is a collaborative group of artists with two things in common: Old sound chips for instruments and a drive to help stop cancer. Most of the musicians on this have been personally affected by this awful disease, so you know that this is quite a meaningful project, rooted in the hearts of all of us.100% of all profit gained from this album goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Please donate the minimum of $5

via Chip for Cancer [vol. I] | Chip for Cancer.

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Bit Bounce Chip Comp

Bit Bounce is 18 tracks of chiptune goodness thrown together in the wilds of 8bc and