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Astronausiphobia | Zombectro

Zombectro takes you into the inner depths of fear and space in this musical experiment titled Astronausiphobia. Catchy melodies, heavy breakdowns, poppy yet metal as fuck – this release has it all.

Zombectro is half dead and half robot and is not Robocop. Astronausiphobia is the fear of being sick on a space trip. Zombectro’s Astronausiphobia is Cheese’N’Beer’s 10th release.

via Astronausiphobia | Cheese’N’Beer.

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Cheese’n’Beer Summer Tour ’10 : THE VIDEO

Cheese’N’Beer imported some of France’s best chip music artists and showcased them in America in June 2010. JDDJ3J and Cream in all Moustache were touring for their split cd release with Cheese’N’Beer, and Zombectro was supporting them (along with various local talent from each city on the tour).