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Chipslapper for Reaktor Appeared

Sure, the world probably doesn’t need another simplistic, single-osc Reaktor synth, but I made this specifically to mimic the behaviour of so-called ‘chipsamples’ in ProTracker, FastTracker2 and similar trackers.

Traditionally, since the late ’80s, tracked chipmusic has been created by looping short (~32byte) samples which the tracker automatically uses as pitched instruments. Effects are applied using hex commands and more advanced trackers had extended instrument options which emulated the behaviour of basic synths.

Anyway, purely for my own work, I wanted to have a straightforward, cross-platform means of composing using my old tracker styles/technique in newer DAWs like Ableton Live. If it’s useful to any other afficionados, great – but most people will just find it to be a very dull synth that looks like a Reaktor beginner’s project.

via Chipslapper.

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