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Quebarium – pure (2011)

Nice little GP2X demo!

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aonami @ azaachen/germany2011/7/16??

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Toytone (Patric Catani) – Padsounds

Fresh out of the oven! A new production by Patric Catani, completely made in LGPT running on a GP2X.

The first officially released tracks of the Toytone project come as bassy as they wanna be. Varying between Club, Booty Bounce and an exaggerated approach of speed acid dub, you will notice that this collection was not done overnight.
Enjoy this full package of passionated Piggy tracking –
Download the full album and get two Bonus songs!


1. Piggy Bounce 04:14
2. Traintrak1 03:30
3. Frogmind 03:06
4. Gpd2 Panic Picnic 03:12
5. All Toys in the House! 06:11
6. Almost too Analog 04:23
7. Was Jetzt? 02:49
8. Fosuru 09:11 download
9. Taste in Acid 08:18
10. BrmBrm 06:40

Download and listen to it from his Bandcamp page

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[CP036] Pulselooper – Liberchina

One of South America’s new chipmusic promises, Pulselooper from São Paulo, Brazil, delivers an LGPT-based album that kicks serious ass. Enjoy the soundscapes and the Chicago house vibe of this one.

1. Late Night Walking 03:52
2. Liberchina I 06:19
3. 2h03am 03:11
4. Smuggling 03:38
5. 5h20am 03:22
6. Liberchina II 03:25

Listen from Pulselooper’s Bandcamp page and download it from there or tomorrow from Chippanze.