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She “Chiptek”

A lil short on the d. tents. for my taste.

A lil short on the d. tents. for my taste.

The extremely slick gameboy musician She has released a new collection of smooth funk effected chip jams on his website. Streaming previews at his myspace. Based on his previous releases online and at 8bitpeoples this should be a good one.

5 comments to She “Chiptek”

  • “this mini-album was composed using mostly the 4 basic sounds coming out of a gameboy”

    Clearly, this album is not using MOSTLY the sounds of a Game Boy. No matter how processed, most of the content here comes from other sources, though I don’t deny the presence of SOME Game Boy, it’s hardly enough to consider it “most”.

    Still, the sound quality is truly amazing, and this guys is a compositional wonder, but this is hardly a release I would consider “chipmusic”.

  • How many UNCEs in a gallon?

  • kacl

    great album, its obvious while listening to this, that most of the songs were composed using the basic four sounds of a gameboy

  • What are the “basic four sounds of a gameboy”?
    Please enlighten me, because to me this is just a mouthful of blef.
    It’s pretty obvious that the main content in these tracks is not anything coming from a gameboy.

  • annuk

    Excuse me but where does it state that this is a chiptune release? The picture states the theme was bouncy electronica.

    The cover suggest the “four basic sounds” could be Square, Saw, Sine and Noise?

    Using filters and post-processing 8bit sounds can give you any sounds imaginable. Infact almost all synths have these basic sounds at their core yet produce a wide variety of sounds.