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This week at the Collective II

For the Week of 10/28-11/03

“Lets try out a new feature picking five tracks that grabbed our attention over here at TCTD from the 8BITCollective. Here they are in no particular order.” – The Boss

This week, i will bring you what i found to be the most Slorricious of all the songs.  There were many songs that vied for the best five, but only four actually made it.  Yet there are some honorable mentions.  You’ll see what i mean in a moment.  This week seems to have been a slow week.  Don’t agree?  Post a comment.

First off, lots of VGM inspired stuff (And real VGM) naturally tops my list.  VGM is better than UNCE.  By decree.

Battlewin by BinseyNitro

This song purports titularly to be some kind of fanfare after the battle.  It’s called battlewin.  It lies.  This music is clearly the battle, or even the part before the battle when the cameras rotate around the characters, they utter some minimal words indicative of their fatalist worldview and the tragedy of their impending conflict as being “unavoidable”.  How they would have been friends, maybe even had been friends, before the Geostorm caused them to chose their sides.  The hero entreats the villain to acknowledge he is on the side of wrong, but the villain retorts that the hero’s perspective is naive and that humanity is predisposed to conflict.  Only be wielding power can he prevent conflict, and only through conflict can he wield power.

Basically a great song i think.  I’m into it.

Chrono Tripper by Spamtron

This cover of the Chrono Trigger theme by Yasunori Mitsuda by one of the greatest living chiptune composers of our age, Spamtron, is pretty great to listen to.  So.

The Kyle Shaw Adventure by HMPoweredMan

Great VGM from the online game The Kyle Shaw Adventure.  He also uploaded the level 1 music, but appears to have deleted it.  This is just the kind of cheese I like.

Solar Winds by Wizwars

Another proggy VGMy sort of song.  I’m picking these because this week had no badass FM songs, or kickass mods.  It was lots of “my first chiptunes” and “sabrepulse covers” this week.  So if you think i’m unfairly favoring one kind of music, its because you failed to upload something worthy in another category.  YOU failed.  BTW, i like this song.

Dance Canon – CC Ivory

CDM (cheesy dance music) at its finest.  Simple, catchy, but excellently arranged and tracked, innovative use of instruments.  At its heart, chiptune is about getting the utmost out of a limited sound source.  This carries on that tradition.  Kudos.

Here are my honorable mentions, and why they are honorable, but merely mentions.

  • Centdroid by White Circuit – Badass.  its the sound of a robot running amok.  Its not musical, but its also expressive.  10 points for trying something different.
  • Tunnel Vision by little-scale – little-scale is the resident ‘midi interface making’ guru for the overlooked machines.  I loved SMS, and this song, using an SMS, is badass.  SMS sounds like garbage, but it sounds amazing.  Capiche?
  • Halloween Intro – Random – from random’s surprise visit to new york city.  Very C64 soundtrack to ghosts n goblins.  Then it turns into a crummy russian folk song.  Before that, its quite wonderful.  Even the russian folk song part is not bad.  It’s just not spookey.  It evokes Ukranians drinking whilst leaning upon broken tractors.

Last, but not least

  • Lorikonkero demo (live) – Kef– What can i say.  The horrible synth that is asynchronized to the music ruins an otherwise fantastic Videovalvontaa song.  (Kef is merely a member of Videovalvontaa). You can hear what he means, but he doesn’t quite get it out.  It’s a demo, recorded live.  Meaning the album version is going to be amazing.  Which brings me to my conclusion, that KeFF is going to BLOW UP.

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