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This Week at the Collective IV – Back in the Habbit

Welcome to another edition of “This week at the collective IV – part 4”.  I have to say, based on listening to about 160 songs this week, about 150 of which were NL 1.3 and LSDJ 3.7.5 (update?) i have decided that after this week, i am not going to listen to any more gameboy songs, unless they were done in gameboy MML.

That being said, this week is set up based on audio technology lines.  Get on your lines, and insert your audio technology!  HERE — WE — GO!


  • Zabutom – Zabutom wrote the best gameboy song this week.  Any surprise?  He’s been Swedish since birth.  His genetic corpuscles are conveyed through the medium called “Aether” and his ancestors worshiped the “Aesir”.  He’s “Either” a genius or an “Eye-Sore”, potentially “nigh-poor” he works mopping rich people’s “tile floors”.   His “thigh nord” is the first transhuman “scrye glor” of all “rayne schlorng” in “jrayjnor graatlotr.”  Eat Beets.

Nintendo Boize

  • Norrin Radd – Norrin Radd proves that the herald of Galactus, the former universe’s incarnation of Eternity and the Last Sentient merged into on vast planetoid, psionically projecting whatever form is most fearsome to those he encounters, is capable of some delicious tracking and rocking.   Norrin Radd however is not alone.  He tied with…
  • Rushjet1 – this song is basically for fans of VGM.  I am one.

C64 BoyZ

  • Silreq – Silreq serves us up some steaming heaps of SID.  He basically is showing anyone who doubted it why the SID is the best CHIP on which to create chiptunes.  YOU can’t make this on any other hardware, without making it first on a sid, then sampling it, and playing it back elsewhere.  This song has many KeFF-esque qualities, which raises the question, why do both KeFF and Silreq bear identical “Laundry Shaped” birth marks all over every buttocks?   EVENT 0?!  EVENT 1!

OPL3 Fan-Teens

  • Mad – Many women died to provide mad with enough flesh leather to stretch across his ovoid shield’s bronze template, so that virginity could protect his own taught flesh against the brands and edges heaved against his stalwart frame by slinking foul things, wrecks of lurching meat and bone, thoughtless battle-things that cry terror and snarl wrath.  Mad probably will beat them, GP RAIN, 7777!
  • O2Star – What never stops impressing me about OxygenCarl is that he manages to get good sounding patches out of the OPL.  Every FM song i’ve ever attempted sounds like this looks.  But Molecular oxygenstar manages to achieve slick smooth and always pleasant tones.  Vor-el Avath Fal Adul, meil Carl.

Something Else Styles

  • little scale – bless the maker, bless his coming and his going.  Little scale effuses the sky with his genome and the very clouds bear his young.  This song only proves what i have long maintained, that tiny versions of little scale can be legally drowned, and their bile drunk in religious rituals to open the mind to the ancestral memmories of the sisterhood.  I dont’ know what all this was made on, but i’m transported, as the victorians would say.  Tranported to Nemo Land.
  • Prizmatic Spray – he starts by thanking little scale.  I think these are atari 2600 samples.. but well tracked, well executed.  If this had been ON a 2600, i would have ejected my prostate as a sign of respect.  I’l be keeping “old bulgey” ardently internal for now.

As with all of my bibles, this one has some honorable mentions.

  • Random – he wrote this because he forgot his LSDJ cart.  He can make LSDJ sound like it’s full of post processing, and it isn’t.  He can make leads that feel almost organic, and i’m guessing you can’t.  (actually, i know you can’t becuse i listened to 150 of your songs tonight.)
  • Coda – classic mod cheese.  He salutes infey, who is roughly my equal in starcraft.  We’ve had some epic battles.  Here’s to infey.  And slightly less so, Coda.
  • Spamtron – this song is great.  But somehow, badly mixed or EQd.  It’s just not top 5 worthy until that’s fixed.  But underneath that weird thin vapourous sound is a pretty solid song.
  • Alex Mauer – He invented “making chiptunes” according to someone i know.  That’ totally not remotely true.  but he did invent “this song”.  Its a gameboy song, not on LSDJ or Nanoloop (take heed, noble readers.)



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