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TCTD micronews for 2009-12-18

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TCTD micronews for 2009-12-09

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Murderous Moppet – Silreq

moppetfrntcover-mSick c64 sid release by SILENT REQUIEM. Claustrophobic and snaky basslines, and smooth filter usage mixes pleasure and pain for another enjoyable release from the label which shall not be named.

“They” write:

With the mysterious death of a Datasette tape drive, along with it’s tape, all had been lost. This left a growing very bitter taste with Maestro. In desperate attempt to find those responsible for such horrendous acts, he sets out, undercover in disguise (now known as the “Murderous Moppet”, as dubbed by the local the papers), in search of clues and answers; all while wreaking havoc to those who had opposed and done him wrong. With only a knife and a C64 in hand, all is archived as to relive revenge over and over again…. only this way, could he truly be at peace, after the loss of his precious data-tape.

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Now hosted on TCTD: Microhorror2 Comp


INTRO 2.14
Albino Ghost Monkey 3.24
B00daW 3.44
Dj Hollow Life 4.11
Epichunt 5.29
ESC 2.43
Flashbob 4.07
Joedouken 2.20
Mattisson 3.52
Peter Swimm6.07
Poke 1,1702.31
Zombectro & JDDJ3J3.36

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This Week at the Collective IV – Back in the Habbit

Welcome to another edition of “This week at the collective IV – part 4”.  I have to say, based on listening to about 160 songs this week, about 150 of which were NL 1.3 and LSDJ 3.7.5 (update?) i have decided that after this week, i am not going to listen to any more gameboy songs, unless they were done in gameboy MML.

That being said, this week is set up based on audio technology lines.  Get on your lines, and insert your audio technology!  HERE — WE — GO!
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