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Quarta330 Live In Tokyo

“Half an hour of crunchy 8-bit deepness from Japan’s Game Boy dubstep wizard.

Japanese musician Quarta330, promoter of Tokyo’s Lo-Bit Playground party, twisted plenty of heads on the dubstep scene last year with his immense 8-bit refix of Kode9’s towering 9 Samurai track. He recently performed at Tokyo’s Back To Chill night alongside other Japanese artists such as Goth Trad and T2R, armed with nothing more than two Game Boys, an interface and some effects pedals. Hosted both here and on Laurent Fintoni’s blog, the set has a few jumpy levels and even a little technical down-time midway through; but don’t let that put you off — along with the essential styles currently blasting out of the Jahtari camp, this really is some of the heaviest, most off-the-hook 8-bit music out there at the moment.”

Nab it:

1 comment to Quarta330 Live In Tokyo

  • paris

    nice mix! just thinking it was awesome he played blip 1. would really like to see more dubstep happening on the east coast :-)