C64TPC Appeared

Oh wait.. my netbook doesnt have a seiral port. Dang.

Oh wait.. my netbook doesnt have a seiral port. Dang.

Since the dawn of XP, older pc to c64 transfers tools like the x1541series cables can be very tricky to get running properly. Now a new device named C64TPC is out,  and it looks really nice.

From the website:

The C64TPC connects your Commodore 64 to your PC through their respective serial ports. This enables the C64 to use the PC as it’s disk drive. This includes the: Hard disk, CD/DVD, Flash Memory, MMC, and any other type of storage device attached to your PC. C64TPC also allows you to save your .d64 images back to the PC.

C64TPC consists of two components: an hardware device and the PC software. The hardware device conducts low level communication between; the C64 and the PC. Thus, the user does not need to struggle with complex settings or processes. The C64TPC software is a program with a graphical user interface, which provides a simple method of interacting with the hardware.

C64TPC only supports C64 diskette images, .d64 files. It can both read and write these files. The user does not need to extract the individual programs from these images to use them.

The Device is currently only $24 from ebay.

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