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Animal Style Schools Teh Noobs

Animal Branding not included in lab fees.

Animal Branding not included in lab fees.

Chip guitar god Animal Style is teaching an Intensive 10 week chip music course in Southern New Jersey this January. Should be very interesting, as Joey is also extremely well versed in music education, so even the Pros would have something to gain from it.

Oldschool Game Music Composition @ Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown, NJ

This course will provide an introduction to electronic music history and composition through the perspective of a video game composer. Students will learn to compose early video game style music on their laptop while exploring the capabilities and limitations of old computer sound chips (oldschool Nintendo, Sega, Commodore64, etc). Free computer programs will be distributed, learned and mastered throughout the course. New songs will be created each week. No computer programming skills or performance abilities are needed. Anyone with a basic understanding of music and a laptop computer (running Windows XP or Vista) will be able to create amazing video game style music. At the end we will discuss ways to perform electronic music and examine the varied styles and approaches of current chip music. All students must bring their own laptop.

43 • Mondays • 6:45pm – 8:45pm
January 12 – March 16
er: Joey Mariano
$130 Members / $150 Non-Members

link: http://perkinscenter. org/classes. asp

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