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Open Thread: Why does your genre of chip music suck so bad?

nerd_lifeAs editor-in-cheap of TCTD, perhaps I am more sensitive to the widening gulf between different aspects of the chip music scene. It is perhaps amusing to an outsider who feels everything sounds the same that there can be so many disparate factions within the community, but the tent is a large one and there are many different types of artists operating on various chip platforms.  Even with dozens of sub factions, there are a few trends at play , and not to paint too broad stroke on it, here are the most active groups.

  • The electronic pop stars – These game boy superstars like playing gigs, and community,  and having a good time. They are more influenced by pop culture than any old school or demo scene rules.  Sometimes the scene is more important than the actual tune.
  • The Heads, The Old Schoolers, and the Deep Tweakers – They obsessively do things like “How can I do more with less, how can I push it farther, how can I do it as real as possible”.  They know all the tricks, and they hate when the popsters gain acclaim for cheap obvious chip tricks and a passing familarity with the genre. These are the first to pitchfork all over crystal castles reviews.
  • Nerd Rap – They care even less about the authenticity of a True Chip sound, and arent afraid to use mario coin sounds, etc to get their point across. It being that white people rapping is HILARIOUS, dawg.
  • The NES Metalers, Prog Fiends.  Obscure time signatures, and technique technique technique. Not only are they smarter than you, but their music is better because it has more notes.

Are these descriptions unfair?Hell yea they are.  So let’s make this an open thread to discuss what problems you have with other’s chips, and a place to state why yours are the best.

Passionate debate is the best!

24 comments to Open Thread: Why does your genre of chip music suck so bad?

  • XC3N


    Don’t forget the “stupid l33t g33k that gets so technical about gear and setups and hacks that he forgets to do actual music”


  • haha francis…i think they fall in with the heads, the old schoolers & the deep tweakers

  • B00daW

    i <3 chiptunes ^_^ lolcats epicfail hamfacebear myspacefags


  • I am not framed in any of these stereotypes, thankfully!

  • egr

    Don’t forget the “stupid l33t g33k that gets so technical about gear and setups and hacks that he forgets to do actual music”

    Ooooo, that one hurts! You mean I’m supposed to be making music with this stuff?


    the descriptions are right on.

    I believe the chipapocalypse is near. In that world of survival, these remaining factions will be spread across different netlabels where they will battle on the terms of who can put out the most releases per hour.

  • I compose on multiple chips and make many styles, but mostly dub, im not really sure im part of any ‘scene’ i just like making the odd tune.

  • I would rename “electronic pop stars” to “retarded, photocopied, uninteresting drama emo queens from the united kingdom and even some lamer copies to be found in the us”

  • Heheh, i wanna see what flaming will follow.

    I myself wanna do music because playing live is fucking awesome. And i like to try to get the sounds that i like to hear from machines i can get a hold.

  • mulch

    one mustnt forget that some people simply love the genre as a whole and have personal slants within that which dont necessarily mean they have to side with any particular aspect…

    each is interlinked and it would be folly to separate them at the cost of bitter words!!!

    me personally… i like chip based music that brings dance as a default result and positivity as an aftertaste!!!

  • that’s what happens when something has the potential to be a genre, medium and form at the same time.

    i also think that the democratization of music, including chip, has been somewhat detrimental to its development. the quantity of music uploaded to on a daily basis is pretty suffocating, making it nigh impossible to find something worth actually listening to. that, coupled with the internet soapbox syndrome, the chronic condition where big-mouthed bastards with little or no merit become respected voices within a certain field, some people suffer from makes it difficult to find what is of true worth.

    for me personally, these factors combined are part of my desire to remain on the outskirts of the scene and play a role defining my own part to play.

  • But the bigger question is why are they so disparate? I mean are the resulting music ALL that different?

    Why do people go apeshit over metal versions of mega man songs, but not over new songs written in the mega man style?

  • Chipmusic is inherently easy to create, you can get LSDJ, write a tune, upload it from the comfort of your own PC chair. I think one major difference between what we are doing and say guitar based music is that in general you don’t hear the stuff Eric Clapton produced on some crappy 4 track when he was 13 years old trying to learn guitar. Where as you do hear that from every 13 year old with an internet connection and a gameboy.

    Is that a bad thing? No, I don’t think so the more people who get into chip music the more potential punters for gigs, releases, T Shirts, people to donate to good causes and who knows, maybe the occasional talented newcomer live IAYD or Steven. The price you have to pay for that is a lowering of the average quality of the music available.

    Sorting through the wealth of releases isn’t really hard, EPs and Albums which are good create buzz, attract posts and recommendations and a garner a higher profile. Stick to releases from labels you know and trust, the cream of Chipmusic is always going to rise.

    I am just happy I have so much good stuff to listen to.

  • Only problem is people not putting hart and soul into there tunes. Kthxbye

  • @peter haha. i wasn’t referring to you. more in reference to 8bitcollective. i think true chip till death is doing a pretty greet job at documenting the chip scene on a broad scale.

  • “coupled with the internet soapbox syndrome, the chronic condition where big-mouthed bastards with little or no merit become respected voices within a certain field”

    /me eyes shift from left to right

  • Haha

    fishing for compliments final tally = 3 pts

  • 8bc is not a bad place, it’s a forum, people shouldn’t take there as something serious and to get all the information. The place is full of good things, but some of it you shouldn’t take too serious.

    I love all of these stereotypes.
    I’m totally the first type, though I wish demoscene guys will appreciate me some day…someday

  • b-knox

    my genre sucks coz i got diahrea of notes and timsig changes =X

  • Interesting thread. Although of course it’s all pointless, because we all know that the second category is the 200% correct and best one. Obviously.