Open Thread: Why does your genre of chip music suck so bad?

nerd_lifeAs editor-in-cheap of TCTD, perhaps I am more sensitive to the widening gulf between different aspects of the chip music scene. It is perhaps amusing to an outsider who feels everything sounds the same that there can be so many disparate factions within the community, but the tent is a large one and there are many different types of artists operating on various chip platforms.  Even with dozens of sub factions, there are a few trends at play , and not to paint too broad stroke on it, here are the most active groups.

  • The electronic pop stars – These game boy superstars like playing gigs, and community,  and having a good time. They are more influenced by pop culture than any old school or demo scene rules.  Sometimes the scene is more important than the actual tune.
  • The Heads, The Old Schoolers, and the Deep Tweakers – They obsessively do things like “How can I do more with less, how can I push it farther, how can I do it as real as possible”.  They know all the tricks, and they hate when the popsters gain acclaim for cheap obvious chip tricks and a passing familarity with the genre. These are the first to pitchfork all over crystal castles reviews.
  • Nerd Rap – They care even less about the authenticity of a True Chip sound, and arent afraid to use mario coin sounds, etc to get their point across. It being that white people rapping is HILARIOUS, dawg.
  • The NES Metalers, Prog Fiends.  Obscure time signatures, and technique technique technique. Not only are they smarter than you, but their music is better because it has more notes.

Are these descriptions unfair?Hell yea they are.  So let’s make this an open thread to discuss what problems you have with other’s chips, and a place to state why yours are the best.

Passionate debate is the best!