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reViSiT 1.00.3 Pro update available

Post Blip, truly great puns will come at a premium this week.

Chris Nash Writes:

“I’m happy to announce that reViSiT v1.00.3 Pro is now available to experiment participants, packed full of improvements, tweaks and fixes – including:

· Improved graphics performance
Optimised drawing code now considerably lightens the load on the CPU for nearly all screen updates. Additionally, memory handling improvements have enabled me to move from a 16 colour pattern display, to one with over 16 million colours, thus enabling…

· Pattern font smoothing (anti-aliasing)
Like other text in Windows, the pattern fonts now take advantage of anti-aliased (smoothed) fonts, which will not only make your pattern look much nicer, but also make those awkward in-between font sizes easier to read.

· Full-colour instrument labels
If you though the four instrument colours in previous versions was restrictive, you can now choose from 4 million times as many. To select a colour for an instrument, select its label in the Instrument List and hit Enter.

· Rock-solid stability*
With this version, I am proud to say that there are no outstanding issues in my inbox. I’ve had a handful of crash reports from some unlucky users over the last few weeks, but having sifted out the non-reViSiT issues and put pay to the remaining bugs, I’m looking forward to adding some “documented” features. (* it’s up to you to prove me wrong!)

As ever, the release notes / readme.txt tell the full story, now it’s up to you to tell the world about reViSiT! Now at release status, reViSiT’s waiting in anticipation of it’s first review on KVR…”

Learn more about the reViSiT experiment here!

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