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LittleGPTracker version 1.b_37 Out

lvpt1.1b_37 is in the ghetto section for GP2X/PSP/W32/DEB.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Allowed multiple selection for note and instrument editing in Phrase Screen
  • Fixed synchronization problem between the main thread and the player thread. This fixes the problem that tracks could go out of sync when doing rendering at full speed (not using RT). It might also generally improve the stability for heavy pounders
  • Rendered files are now located in the project folder.
  • Fixed tempo to be more precise: before, tempo vs. sample count transformation was rounded to integers. This meant that exporting a track at 80 BPM would end up to something close to it but not exactly it, which could be a hassle if trying to use renderings in DAWS. Now it’s totally accurate. It might be that the track’s feel is slightly different, so let me know if there’s something in concert for your ears
  • Updated the note map to be always show (for consistency). Mute track are now also shown by having both the octave & instrument number shown as “–“
  • Cached some file attributes to make samplelib browsing faster on PSP.
  • Fixed audio volume in preview so that it doesn’t destroy your ear. Now it’s played at half volume which correspond to the default 128 volume of instruments

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