Superpowerless – Wasting My Time



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  • Forget the 8bc incident. It’s an interesting video, is a pity is full of autotune and that vsti from flstudio for making voices.

  • Who remembers anyway, am I right, Peter?

    But yeah, down with autotune.

  • To much auto tune and Repetitive lyrics. Well at the least we know he is wasting his time, Playing video games and even sometimes wasting his life. We just never found out why :P

  • Im more impressed with the video than the song, thats for sure.

  • Glad you like the video!!

    yeah we used autotune, but for the electronic effect more than anything. I know the lyrics are repetitive but if you listen to my other songs I do have others that are more lyric based.

    also. i can 100% assure everyone there is nothing of flstudio in this song, or any of my other songs. i don’t know which voice you’re on about from a vsti? but the bit that is electronic was made using a vocoder and the “video… games” was from the microsoft plugin that makes it read the words out!

    good times!

  • Oh cool Oliver. I supposed it was FL, but what do you use? Sorry for the assumption. And yes, as peter i was more impressed with the video, which is pretty cool.

  • I use Cubase all the way! The song was mixed by Andy Chatterley in logic and then mastered by a mastering house called metropolis.